Ana Carolina Estarita Guerrero

The phenomenological experience of Post-Newtonian physics through experimental animation

PRESENTATION: Sunday 27.5., 14:20 @ MuseumsQuartier – Raum D/quartier21

Our understanding of time depends, for the most part, on our phenomenological experience of it rather than on our conceptual or mathematical comprehension of its principles. In this presentation I will explore how animation allows us to experience the notions of time described by modern physics, that otherwise would be impossible for us to access.


Ana Carolina Estarita Guerrero is a Colombian Visual Artist and Animation and Digital arts M.F.A. Candidate at University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts, recipient of the prestigious “International Artist Fellowship” of USC whose work inquiries about temporary phenomena and its effects on the organic matter, relating concepts of the visual arts and theoretical frameworks from physics and literature. In her work, she uses a theoretical-practical approach that allows her to research through experimentation with video, animation and installations, the answers to the questions she finds during her preliminary research, using visual arts and its practices as a thinking process.

Since 2017, Ana Carolina makes part of the core team member of GLAS Animation Festival. And her Projection Mapping and installation work has been shown in multiple shows and festivals included Animafest Zagreb Festival in the Museum of Contemporary Art of Zagreb, and Rhythms & Visions/ Expanded live in Los Angeles.